Daystate Huntsman Revere

The Huntsman Revere is a unique air rifle model in the Huntsman line as it features a sidelever action. This type of action is favored by shooters of high-powered air rifles because it makes cocking the rifle much easier. Additionally, the Revere has been designed with advanced hammer and valve systems, along with a HUMA-Air Regulator, which allows it to perform at the level of a modern target rifle. It can deliver up to 40 ft/lbs of muzzle energy in .25 caliber, while the .177 and .22 models offer high-power performance of 18 and 30 ft/lbs, respectively.


Overall Length928mm (36.5 ins)
Barrel Length430 mm (17 ins)
Cylinder Capacity162 cc
Weight (Unscoped)2.9 kg (6.39 lbs)
Available Calibres0.177 (4.5 mm), 0.22 (5.5 mm) .25(6.35 mm)
LoadingMagazine or Single Shot Tray
CockingSidelever (with mechanical slingshot hammer system)
Magazine13-Shot .177, 11-Shot .22, 10-Shot .25 self-indexing, removable (from right on right handed guns)
Fill Pressure250 BAR (3,626 psi)
Power / Shots Per Charge 0.2545 shots @ 30 ft/lbs 20 shots @ 40 ft/lbs
Power / Shots Per Charge 0.2239 shots @ 30 ft/lbs, 21 Shots @ 40 ft/lbs
Power / Shots Per Charge 0.17746 shots @ 18 ft/lbs
TriggerTwo-stage mechanical release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage
SafetyManual, rotary trigger block lever
StockRight or Left handed Walnut sporter
OptionsUpgrade stock, left-hand stock (sidelever set to left), 0dB Silencer